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HTG Trans stands out in contract logistics with its diversity and quality of services. To effectively manage the storage and distribution processes of its customers, it offers many services such as inventory management, order preparation, dispatch note printing, repackaging, splitting, combining, labeling, packaging, palletizing, quality control, and store distribution. Security and reliability are of great importance in storage services. HTG Trans ensures the safe storage of customers’ products by equipping storage areas with modern security systems. Additionally, all storage processes are carefully monitored and recorded to prevent any disruptions related to the customers’ products. Multi-user warehouses provide services to customers from different sectors under the same roof. With its highly knowledgeable team, synergy created by resource utilization in multi-user warehouses, cost, and operational flexibility, HTG Trans responds to various customer demands with minimal resource usage. HTG Trans offers order management, inventory management, and dealer management services.

According to customer demands, various value-added services (labeling, 2-D barcoding, usage instruction sticking, price tag printing, assorting, hanging, security band attaching, creating promotional packages, adding warranty cards, etc.) are provided. Value-added services are managed and tracked through a specially developed module in the warehouse management system and reported in real-time with the operation.

HTG Trans, with its independent warehouses of 35,000 m² on the European side of Istanbul and 25,000 m² on the Asian side, offers services such as truck park, storage, value-added services, e-commerce operations, domestic and international distribution center, closed area storage, and distribution services.



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